The Cinema Whatever Code is as follows:
  1. Every single movie is a candidate to be watched and reviewed
  2. Movie selections are split between myself and my girlfriend, and are random for the most part
  3. Every movie will be given a fair chance and will be watched until the end credits
  4. If a movie has a sequel, prequel, reboot or closely related film, it must be watched (if possible)

About my Ratings


I do all my ratings on 10. What each rating means can be summed up like this:

10: Masterpiece
9: Definitely watch it
8: Excellent
7: Good
6: OK
5: Bad
4: Terrible
3: Why!?!
2: Is it over yet?
1: Absolute trash

About Me


So what business is it of mine to be writing about movies? Not that much really, but I'd like to think that I do have a fair bit of knowledge about what makes a good or bad movie. I've seen a lot of movies which I've carefully documented on this IMDB list. Seeing a whole lot of movies doesn't make me an expert, but it's something all the same. There are already so many blogs about movies but how I want mine to be differentiated is in how I will literally watch whatever movie and I'll have something to say about it.

I'm a Marketing major but film has always been a big interest of mine. I signed up for a film class in my final year of high school for the reason that I thought it would be easier than doing physics or chemistry. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. It was easier in the sense that I had more fun, but it was all the same a challenge because in addition to studying different film techniques and theories, I made two films as group projects. I would never want to see the movies I made for the rest of my life for how amateurish they were, but they still exposed me to what it's like to make a movie and I deeply respect the talent that directors have. My teacher for that class had an infectious passion for what he was talking about and he inspired me to dig a little deeper beyond the usual blockbusters that I mostly focused on.

I also followed a class in film theory in CEGEP which for those who don't live in Quebec, Canada, is a two year program between high school and university. It was a level above what was covered in my high school class, but still novice material. I didn't make any movies in this class, but we watched several important movies. This was where I was introduced to director Johnnie To and his movie Running Out of Time. I don't know what it is about this movie, but it put me in a frenzy to find more of these infectious kinds of gems. You know, the kinds of movies that stay with you days after having watched them. Watch it if you can get your hands on it, it's a beauty. Full credit goes to my teacher in this class for broadening my interests even further.

I pretty much watch a movie a day and I'm always open to anything. Whatever genre, whatever the budget, whenever it came out or whoever directed it, I will watch it. I like to think that every movie deserves a chance and is worthy of at least a little digital ink. I do my best to be objective and I always try to avoid judgement before watching a movie.

I'm not a professional writer or film critic. I'm just a guy who loves movies and I'm always willing to share my opinions with anyone who wants to hear them. Cinema is just one of the most fascinating things in the world and it'll always blow my mind.

- Simon Potvin