Aug 7, 2016


With the critic and box office results coming in for Suicide Squad, it's very clear that Warner Bros. has to do something drastic. Anything! Unless of course they want to just halt their accelerated cinematic universe before it even begins.

If we take a look at the comic book adaptations they've put out since The Dark Knight, here's what WB has released:

The Losers: $29.4m worldwide ($25m budget) and a 44 metascore (not a superhero movie)
Jonah Hex: $10.9m ($47m budget) and a 33 metascore

Green Lantern: $219.9m worldwide ($200m budget) and a 39 metascore
The Dark Knight Rises: $1.1b worldwide ($250m budget) and a 78 metascore
Man of Steel: $668m worldwide ($225m budget) and a 55 metascore
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: $872.7m worldwide ($250m budget) and a 44 metascore

Outside of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, it's almost as if Warner Bros. doesn't know how to do comic book movies. Sure, $668 million worldwide for Man of Steel sounds good, and so does $872.7 million for BvS. That's a lot of money but it's not THAT much for what should be billion dollar earners in this day and age (This is Batman and Superman for crying out loud!). That's clearly what WB was aiming for and they haven't been able to achieve that since The Dark Knight Rises.

Suicide Squad is sitting on a 41 metascore right now and word of mouth from what I'm hearing isn't good. Like Batman v Superman, it's looking like the opening weekend will be huge before quickly returning to earth during the rest of its run. There is now a lot on the line for Wonder Woman after two huge disappointments for Warner Bros.

Now on to this week's WIWTW.

But first...

Some News (That I Actually Care About)

  • Very cool to me seeing a guy like Jeremy Smits having a small role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Glad that Disney isn't pretending like the prequels don't exist. @EW
  • Box office report: Like we've seen with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, critic reviews don't always get in the way of opening weekends and that's how things have shaped up for Suicide Squad which opened up to a record-breaking $135.1 million, becoming the largest opening for a movie debuting in August (Guardians of the Galaxy had it before with $94.3 million). Critic reviews and the negative word of mouth that's already started will most likely have a big effect on next weekend, but we'll have to see. BvS dropped 70% in its second week. Is SS destined to repeat? Moving on, Jason Bourne earned $22 million in its second weekend which represents a drop of 62%. While that's not necessarily terrific, JB will certainly be profitable as its domestic total is not far from matching the budget costs. Bad Moms added another $14.2 million and that's a big success of margins for STX. The other newcomer of the weekend? Sorry, easy to forget as Nine Lives quietly earned a mere $6.5 million.
  • Screenwriter Simon Barrett (You're Next, The Guest) seems to have a very strange fascination with men-turned-animal comedies. @The Talkhouse
  • Suicide Squad is unlikely to get a release in China which is only going to hurt its worldwide earnings @The Hollywood Reporter
Video of the week:Cool video explaining how Pixar is so good at making people cry


Number of movies watched: 8

Average rating: 6.63