Apr 10, 2016


Believe it or not, I actually do watch some TV shows when I'm able to squeeze them in. It's safe to say that I do not binge watch episodes though since there just isn't the time with all the movies I watch. Still, I've been slowly working my way through HBO's Tales from the Crypt and I've been re-watching Trailer Park Boys for the umpteenth time since I'm trying to finally catch up and see the new seasons that have been coming out. That's why I have a couple of TPB-related movies that I saw this week.

Anyway, TPB needs no introduction these days after hitting it big on a deal with Netflix, but I'd definitely like to give a shout out to Tales from the Crypt. It's a great horror anthology series with a lot of production value put into every episode. I'm at season six which has the odd stale episode at this point, but there's still some great stuff that's worth seeing. If you like your horror blended with a bit of comedy, I can't think of too many better options. Anyway, enough about TV now.

Now on to this week's WIWTW.

But first...

Some News (That I Actually Care About)

  • Mr. Bankrupt himself apparently has a role in the upcoming Shane Black Predator movie. Or is this him politicking himself into getting one? Who knows. @Flickering Myth
  • Box office report: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn't the only movie able to make some serious coin despite bad critic reviews and negative word-of-mouth. With $23.5 million in its opening weekend, the Melissa McCarthy-lead The Boss claimed the top spot and will more than likely be able to break even by the end of next weekend. BvS only lost by a couple hundred thousand dollars, making $23.4 million this time around. That's a 54.3% drop from weekend #2 for those wondering. Zootopia took the #3 spot with $14.5 million and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 rounded out the top 4 with $6.4 million. 
  • This analysis into the gender demographics of Hollywood films is just insane. @Polygraph
  • The Harry Potter franchise has had many skilled composers come on board to provide the score such as John Williams, Nicholas Hooper and Alexandre Desplats. For Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, it's James Newton Howard who's gotten the tap on the shoulder. @Film Music Reporter
  • Pretty sad to see that Alan Rickman's death put the kibosh on a Galaxy Quest sequel. @The Guardian
Video of the week: Do I really need to say it?


Number of movies watched: 9

Average rating: 5.78

April 3rd


Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003): Worst Movie of the Week Award

Rating: 4/10

What is it: The sequel to Legally Blonde, but with more patriotism.

Legally Blonde was no masterpiece for me, but it was fun and it managed to get me to like Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) despite her relative stupidity. We get more of the same in LB2, but minus everything that made LB entertaining. Woods is annoying now, more of a caricature than anything else and you can totally feel for her exasperated co-workers. Everybody feels like a caricature really and the recycled jokes from the first movie don't work at all, making me wonder how I could've liked the original movie in the first place. That's how bad this sequel is and no amount of artificial heart or animal activism can make things better. LB2 has me wondering just how bad Legally Blondes can be.

April 4th


Nine Months (1995)

Rating: 4.5/10

What is it: A Chris Columbus rom-com and Hugh Grant's first US production

Columbus had a pretty good run in the early to mid 90's, until Nine Months that is. Sure he had some pretty decent movies later on (Harry Potter anyone?) but Nine Months was the early indicator of the worst that Columbus is capable of. Reeking of sentimentality and featuring the worst haircut of Grant's career, this film also made me hate Tom Arnold's character in something like five seconds flat. Bravo I guess? Robin Williams has a bit part doing an impression of a Russian doctor, but there's nothing all that amusing there if you ask me. The only worthwhile thing of Nine Months? Jeff Goldblum as the advice-giving buddy of Hugh Grant's character. Other than that, you're better off staying far far away from this one.

April 5th


Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (2006)

Rating: 6.5/10

What is it: Movie based on Canadian cult TV series Trailer Park Boys

The first two seasons of TPB (and the pilot) look cheap and that's because they are. That's the point. The characters are what make the show and while they're a bit on the ridiculous side, they remain grounded in reality which is why the idea of a movie feels a bit wrong. Everything is pumped up far bigger than it originally was and as a result, TPB:TM doesn't have the same small-time feel as the show does. There's more nudity, more musical interludes with slow-motion and the mockumentary-style feels hollow. There are still some pretty funny moments throughout, but at the same time, the film makes me pine for the early days of TPB when things were more subdued and less in your face.



Lung hing foo dai [Armour of God] (1986)

Rating: 6.5/10

What is it: A Jackie Chan martial arts adventure film, reminiscent of Indiana Jones

Only a killjoy wouldn't like the idea of a Jackie Chan movie done in the style of Indiana Jones. Known as the "Asian Hawk," Chan's character has to rescue a kidnapped friend from a crazy cult looking to gather up all the pieces of the legendary Armour of God. The stunts are impressive as they always are in Chan movies and I'll never stop appreciating Jackie for putting his body on the line for our entertainment. The second to last fight of the film is just 80's perfection and is a must-see. There's a great car chase too. What didn't work for me was actually the humour which just seemed a bit too silly at times. There are some laughs to be had to be sure, just not as many as the film was aiming for. 

April 6th


The Brasher Doubloon (1947)

Rating: 6/10

What is it: Yet another Philip Marlowe film-noir, the second of '47

The Brasher Doubloon is an adaptation of Raymond Chandler's The High Window which had already been adapted to the big screen in 1942 as Time to Kill. While Time to Kill wasn't too bad, The Brasher Doubloon is a bit more disappointing. It starts with George Montgomery who just doesn't cut it as Philip Marlowe after seeing several good takes on the character by a multitude of actors. Hoping him to be as good as Humphrey Bogart is a bit unfair, but I was hoping for more. While I liked the story overall, TBD doesn't really seize your attention as much as I had hoped. The romantic scenes if you want to call them that come off as creepy as well which doesn't help matters either.



Kramer vs. Kramer (1979): Best Movie of the Week Award

Rating: 8/10

What is it: Big winner at the 52nd Academy Awards

Some movies have heart and some movies have a truckload of heart. Kramer vs. Kramer is the latter. With emotions running skyscraper high, it features some masterful acting from Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep (as if anyone's really surprised). Justin Henry who plays the son of the Kramers holds his own quite impressively alongside his older co-stars which is a good thing because nothing ruins a movie like an annoying kid. What I like best about K vs. K is that it never takes one side over the other. Sure you might have an opinion about who's right and who's wrong, but it's possible to see how the "wrong" side could be justified. This is just an excellent movie that features some of the best courtroom scenes of any movie. Ever.

April 7th


JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time (2014)

Rating: 4/10

What is it: A DC animated movie first sold exclusively at Target

It became very clear to me when I started watching Trapped in Time that it is first and foremost an animated DC movie for kids. While that's not inherently terrible, Trapped in Time really is. From awkwardly written dialogue to poor animation, Trapped in Time feels like a Saturday morning cartoon gone wrong. I don't even think that the director or screenwriters have a firm grip on what makes these characters tick, especially for Lex Luthor who's an absolute joke in this movie. Lucky for me, it only lasted 52 minutes. It's the kind of movie that would be a chore for anyone under the age of 10 and even then I'm not so sure.

April 8th


Hearts of Dartmouth: Life of a Trailer Park Girl (2006)

Rating: 6.5/10

What is it: A behind-the-scenes documentary of TV series Trailer Park Boys

I've watched season 1-7 of Trailer Park Boys many times over, but somehow I always managed to never see this behind-the-scenes special so this has been a long time coming. Worth it? Partially I'd say. This was directed and narrated by Annemarie Cassidy who's the wife of TPB director Mike Clattenburg and the results are mixed. Cassidy's narration gives off this artificial and contrived kind of feel, sounding very much like she's just reading it off cue cards. There are some very interesting segments though, especially when it's Mike Clattenburg giving his insights into the show and how it all came together. For certain segments, HoD is definitely worth it for fans of Trailer Park Boys

April 9th


Cake (2014)

Rating: 6/10

What is it: A drama centered around a woman suffering from chronic pain

I'll get the obvious out of the way here; Jennifer Aniston does indeed do a good job playing a character who's in constant pain and who lashes out at those around her. I've never seen Aniston as "unchained" as this and it is pretty refreshing. My problem with Cake is that it feels like one big pity party with few breaks in between. Claire says something along the lines of "You probably think I'm just a rich bitch making this all up," to her physical therapist and I unfortunately had to agree with the former part of that statement. Watching Claire be nasty to everyone around her just got old. There's a pretty good payoff by the end, but it requires a certain amount of patience to get there.

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