Dec 27, 2015


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Some News (That I Actually Care About)

  • So which actor is the best bang for your buck in Hollywood these days? At the moment, that honour goes to Chris Evans of Captain America. Amazingly enough, 4 of the top 11 actors are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which goes to show just how profitable the franchise is. @Forbes
  • Box office report: Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already passed $1 billion worldwide with $544.6 million of that being generated domestically. We're only on weekend #2 people and already it's pretty much guaranteed that it'll pass Avatar as the highest grossing movie of all time. We'll see. Besides Star Wars, the Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell comedy Daddy's Home managed a strong $38.8 million, followed by David O. Russell's Joy which grossed $17.5 million. Kind of/sort of bomb of the week? That would be Concussion which with $11 million now represents Will Smith's lowest opening for a movie he stars in. It's $35 million price tag will most likely save it from being a loss. The true bomb of the weekend? The Point Break remake deserves that title since it only managed a meager $10.2 million on a budget of $100 million.
  • A lot of digital ink has already been spilled regarding the under-representation of women in Hollywood, but the same can be said when it comes to film criticism. Where are all the female critics? @The Atlantic
  • In cute Christmas story news; the astronauts on the International Space Station received Ridley Scott's The Martian as a Christmas gift. @USA Today
  • Let's leave it at that for news since I'd like to go back to lazing around on the sofa in my PJ's. Hope everyone had a merry Christmas.
Video of the week: Cool little video detailing the work being done at Criterion Collection.


Number of movies watched: 11

Average rating: 6.18

December 20th


Holiday Affair (1949)

Rating: 7/10

What is it: A charming Christmas romance with Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh
What's good: The cast is good, the kid is surprisingly not annoying,surprises more than you'd think, effective climax
What's bad: Definitely a bit cheesy, sticks to a very familiar rom-com formula

December 21st


Holiday Affair (1996)

Rating: 3.5/10

What is it: A remake of the 1949 version
What's good: Sticks pretty close to the original which was good I guess
What's bad: Charmless, direction takes a turn for the worse, annoying kid

December 22nd


Love Affair (1994)

Rating: 5.5/10

What is it: A remake of the 1939 original
What's good: Not as melodramatic as I expected, nice Pierce Brosnan presence
What's bad: Beatty and Bening seem uncomfortable, depressing Katharine Hepburn appearance, devoid of any genuine romance

December 23rd


A Miser Brothers' Christmas (2008)

Rating: 4/10

What is it: A "too late" sequel to the classic Rankin/Bass The Year Without a Santa Claus (1974)
What's good: Revisits both "The Snow Miser Song" and "The Heat Miser Song" from the original
What's bad: A cheap imitation of the original, horrible songwriting

November Christmas (2010)

Rating: 5/10

What is it: A Hallmark exercise in out-of-season Christmas celebrations and sick children
What's good: For a Hallmark TV movie; it's well shot, has a good cast and it's pretty well acted too
What's bad: Cloyingly sentimental and dramatic

December 24th 


Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)  

Rating: 8/10

What is it: The most famous of all Rankin/Bass Christmas specials
What's good: Animation is timeless, music and songs are unforgettable, heartwarming story
What's bad: /


Mickey's Good Deed (1932)

Rating: 8/10

What is it: A charming little Mickey Mouse Christmas short
What's good: State of the art for its time animation, great use of sound, lovely story
What's bad: /

December 25th


How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966)

Rating: 8.5/10

What is it: The animated short based on a Dr. Seuss story that needs no introduction
What's good: Boris Karloff's voice is pure magic, wonderfully creative, unforgettable songs
What's bad: /



A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965): Best Movie of the Week Award

Rating: 9/10

What is it: The first and most widely known of many animated shorts based on Charles M. Schulz' comic strip
What's good: Timeless, delivers its Christmas message without being preachy, old school animation and scratchy sound add to charm
What's bad: /



The Night Before Christmas (1941)

Rating: 7.5/10

What is it: The third ever Tom and Jerry cartoon from MGM
What's good: Great animation for its time, good cat vs. mouse mayhem as usual, heartwarming in a Christmas-y kind of way
What's bad: Not quite as polished as later entries

December 26th


The Year Without a Santa Claus (2006): Worst Movie of the Week Award

Rating: 2/10

What is it: An embarrassingly cheap live-action remake of the 1974 Rankin/Bass stop-motion animation classic
What's good: Doesn't deserve any kind of positive comments
What's bad: Bottom line: everyone involved with this picture should be ashamed of themselves

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