Nov 1, 2015


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Some News (That I Actually Care About)

  • So it certainly looks like Indiana Jones 5 is a sure thing. This came direct from Steven Spielberg himself during a Harrison Ford tribute at the Britannia Awards. Let's just hope it's alien-less this time. @Deadline
  • Box office report: Another weekend, another batch of box office bombs. This week we find Our Brand is Crisis and Burnt ending up with nothing but egg on their faces. The star power of Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper just wasn't enough to convince adult film goers to go to the movies this weekend, ending up with $3.4 million and $5 million respectively over the weekend. So once again, The Martian is on top of the heap with $11.4 million, followed by Goosebumps at $9.8 million and Bridge of Spies with $8.1 million. At this rate, The Martian should become Ridley Scott's #1 domestic grosser once it passes the $187 million of Gladiator@Variety
  • Seriously love this take on Halloween's Michael Myers, my favourite of all slasher characters. It also explains why the Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's remake is just way less scary to me. @The Andrew Blog
  • The ultimate Jar-Jar Binks fan theory is a must read for all Jar Jar/Star Wars fans out there. I know you're out there. @Wired
  • Although it isn't a perfect website by any means, reaching 25 years is a big achievement for IMDb. As one of my go-to movie sites, here's to 25 more. @Venture Beat
  • Hope Quentin Tarantino never has to call the cops in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston or Philadelphia. I get the feeling that he doesn't have many friends there. @The Hollywood Reporter
  • Billy Bob Thornton is coming back for Bad Santa 2. Hard to believe that the original is 12 years old now. @Variety
Video of the week: As a goodbye to October, here's the trailer for Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)


Number of movies watched: 11

Average rating: 6.05

October 25th 


Sinister (2012)

Rating: 6.5/10

What is it: A horror/mystery lead by Ethan Hawke as a true crime writer
What's good: Frighteningly disturbing on multiple occasions, black as night atmosphere and tone
What's bad: In reality it's composed mainly of jump scares, loses its way in the finale

October 26th


Don't Move (2013)

Rating: 6.5/10

What is it: A horror short implicating a Ouija board, a demon and some very scared individuals 
What's good: The setup is interesting, the use of sound as well as some pretty impressive gore effects
What's bad: The tension doesn't hold up the whole way through


Tufty (2009)

Rating: 7/10

What is it: A horror/comedy short that reveals the truth behind cuddly teddy bears
What's good: The dark humour works well, actually makes you feel something for a bunch of puppets
What's bad: Do not ever show this to a young child who loves stuffed animals under any circumstances



Run (2012)

Rating: 7/10

What is it: A short film with a very dark underbelly lurking beneath its introspective surface
What's good: Wonderful mixture of tones and a very memorable twist
What's bad:

October 27th


The Exorcist III (1990)

Rating: 6/10

What is it: A follow-up to The Exorcist that tries to ignore The Exorcist II
What's good: Great Brad Dourif performance, atmospheric and creepy
What's bad: Studio-forced finale derails everything, jump scares, is not George C. Scott's finest hour



House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

Rating: 5.5/10

What is it: Musician Rob Zombie's directorial debut
What's good: Sid Haig is awesome, the kooky performances of the family, nice sets
What's bad: Tries way too hard to be stylish and homage-filled, ends up being a mess mostly

October 28th


Exorcist: The Beginning (2004)

Rating: 5/10

What is it: A prequel film exploring the origins of Father Merrin
What's good: Stellan Skarsgård gives an unflashy but solid performance
What's bad: Full of jump scares, creepy kid syndrome, relies on poor CGI, tries to be too "big"

October 29th


The Devil's Rejects (2005)

Rating: 6/10

What is it: Rob Zombie's sequel to House of 1000 Corpses
What's good: A much tighter film compared to Ho1KC, wicked cool finale
What's bad: Never is it truly suspenseful or scary


Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist (2005)

Rating: 5.5/10

What is it: Paul Schrader's shelved prequel that was eventually given a mercy release
What's good: More loyal to the original film in pretty much every way
What's bad: Extremely poor CGI effects, underwhelming climax

October 30th


Cry_Wolf (2005): Worst Movie of the Week Award

Rating: 4/10

What is it: A slasher film set in a US prep school
What's good: The $1 million budget is used pretty effectively, interesting end
What's bad: Full of jump scares, cookie-cutter characters, Jon Bon Jovi as a journalism teacher

October 31st

The Ninth Configuration (1980): Best Movie of the Week Award

Rating: 7.5/10

What is it: One of two films directed by William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist
What's good: Enthralling storyline, visually arresting, performances from Stacy Keach and
Scott Wilson
What's bad: Sure to weird some people out before getting very far

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