Sep 13, 2015


But first...

Some News (That I Actually Care About)

Sounds like Denis Villeneuve wants to do his own thing with the Bladerunner sequel, kind of like how Ridley Scott approached Prometheus@Collider

Box office report: Newcomers The Visit and The Perfect Guy are doing decent business this weekend. Both films are on course for over $20 million openings which is pretty good given their light budgets. That especially goes for Shyamalan's The Visit which like all found footage movies was very cheap to make with only a tiny $5 million price tag. @Box Office Mojo

So Ben Foster certainly took the extra step to ensure that his depiction of Lance Armstrong is genuine... commendable to say the least. @Cycling Weekly

King Kong vs. Godzilla. Book it. @Deadline

Jeeper Creepers 3. Does anyone want this? At least the director/writer of the original is coming back. @Shock Till You Drop

Trailer of the week: Krampus, which comes out December 4th. A horror/comedy in the same vein as Gremlins maybe?


Number of movies watched this week: 8

Average rating: 5.9

September 7th

Spider-Man: Episode 0 (1978): Worst Movie of the Week Award

Rating: 3/10

What is it: An opportunity to bring merchandising and Japanese B-movie sensibilities to Spider-Man
What's good: Spider-Man's spider-like behaviour, bad movie gold
What's bad: Horrible sound effects, editing is a joke, takes some pretty big liberties with the character



The Best of Me (2014)

Rating: 4/10

What is it: Another entry in the never ending stream of Nicholas Sparks bargain bin romance tales
What's good: Worth a couple of laughs, it's good exercise for the eye rolling muscle
What's bad: Brings nothing new to the table, annoyingly melodramatic, poor casting choices

September 8th


Gerald McBoing-Boing's Symphony (1953)

Rating: 7/10

What is it: Sequel short to the Best Animated Short of 1950
What's good: Successfully emulates Dr. Seuss' style, even wackier animation style, clever story
What's bad: Not as much of a triumph as the original

September 9th


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 (2013)

Rating: 8/10

What is it: Part 2 of Frank Miller's comic miniseries The Dark Knight Returns
What's good: Packs in a lot of action in only 76 minutes, larger scale and scope, thrilling conclusion
What's bad: Peter Weller doesn't seem as on point as he did in Part 1

September 10th


Best in Show (2000): Best Movie of the Week Award

Rating: 8/10

What is it: A Christopher Guest comedy, done in trademark mockumentary style
What's good: Effortlessly funny, great cast
What's bad: There's no Best in Show 2

September 11th


The Other Side of Heaven (2001)

Rating: 4/10

What is it: A Christian family film about a missionary who goes to the Kingdom of Tonga
What's good: Some nice scenery, clean wholesome entertainment
What's bad: Earnestly preachy, tries way too hard to be funny, uncharismatic lead

September 12th


How Now Boing Boing (1954)

Rating: 6/10

What is it: Third entry in the Gerald McBoing-Boing's saga of short films
What's good: Unique animation style, still moderately amusing
What's bad: Clearly lacking in reasons to continue Gerald's story

September 13th


It Follows (2014)

Rating: 7.5/10

What is it: Modern/retro-ish horror film that is a parable on STDs
What's good: Strong feeling of dread throughout, immersive and cinematic
What's bad: Climax is a bit of a let down

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