Sep 27, 2015


But first...

Some News (That I Actually Care About)

There's over 1.5 billion reasons why there will be a Fast and Furious 8, regardless of difficulties getting a director to sign on for it. Vin Diesel confirmed that we better all gear up for a FF9 and FF10 as well. @Flickering Myth

Box office report: Looks like Sony is finally going to get the break it needs. Hotel Transylvania 2 is looking like a lock for a $46 million opening which is $4 million higher than the original released in 2012. If it comes to fruition, Hotel Transylvania 2 will hold the record for biggest September opening. Besides that, newcomer The Intern is looking at $17 million while Everest is sniffing around $12 million. That's perhaps not as big a number as Universal would've wanted after a $7 million IMAX-only opening last weekend. @Variety

Russian screenwriter Mikhail Raskhodnikov is suing Fox for plagiarism over the script of The Martian. I'm not a lawyer, but I have no doubts that this will not go farther than a settlement. @The Hollywood Reporter

What do guys like Quentin "technophobe" Tarantino and Darren Aronofsky think of Netflix and other streaming platforms? Read on if you're interested: @Indiewire

Writer Jon Krakauer whose book Into Thin Air was used as the source material for Everest, isn't too pleased with the creative liberties that the film takes. He's certainly not the first nor will he be the last. @The Hollywood Reporter

Sure sounds like Ridley Scott is going to be stuck doing Prometheus sequels until the end of his career. @Flickering Myth

Trailer Video of the week: 130 quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger:


Number of movies watched this week: 7

Average rating: 5.7

Sep 20, 2015


But first...

Some News (That I Actually Care About)

Is Disney preparing to release the original theatrical cuts of Star Wars on Blu-Ray? Cue a thousand voices crying out in joy if this is true. @Twitter

Box office report: With the current predictions, it's looking like Maze Runner: The Scorch Trails ($36M) will win the weekend by the skin of its teeth over Johnny Depp's new crime film Black Mass (35M). The only other thing of interest really is the bold strategy of Everest which is going IMAX only for its opening week. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol did the same thing but it also happened to be the fourth film in what is a pretty big franchise starring genuine A-lister Tom Cruise. @Box Office Mojo

Looks like they're trying to get as much of the old gang as possible to cameo in this new Ghostbusters movie. Not sure how I feel about that. @The Hollywood Reporter

Want to see the inside of Guillermo del Toro's weird house? Here's your chance: @Indiewire

Bill Murray is more than a little hard to reach if you didn't already know. Here are a few roles that he's missed out on because of that: @National Post

The director of Hobo With a Shotgun doing an "underwater thriller" for Fox? Call me intrigued. @The Tracking Board

Trailer of the week: The Last Witch Hunter looks like silly fantasy fare to me but who can hate on Vin Diesel? Definitely not me.


Number of movies watched this week: 9

Average rating: 6.3

Sep 13, 2015

Spider-Man: Episode 0 (1978)

As much as I love Batman and Superman, my favourite superhero has always been Spider-Man. I don't know why really, but I suppose it just comes down to being able to relate to him the best. Peter Parker was just an ordinary high school kid who happened to get bitten by a nuclear spider and gain these cool superpowers. He's funny too, so that helps. I was never a comic book reader though, so I got all my Spider-Man exposure mostly from the old 1967 cartoon. Spider-Man (2002) was also my first superhero movie ever which just solidified it all for me. Spidey is definitely my guy.

Anyway, apologies for the complete lack of complete reviews this past little while. Time has been a bit hard to come by lately and I'll just leave it at that. As you can see if you've been reading my "What I Watched This Week" features lately, I've been going through some of the older Spider-Man TV movies which I never saw before like Spider-Man Strikes Back (1978) and Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge (1979), both which starred ex-The Sound of Music alumni Richard Hammond as Peter Parker. Then I stumbled on the treasure trove that is Spider-Man: Episode 0 and I just had to share the experience.


But first...

Some News (That I Actually Care About)

Sounds like Denis Villeneuve wants to do his own thing with the Bladerunner sequel, kind of like how Ridley Scott approached Prometheus@Collider

Box office report: Newcomers The Visit and The Perfect Guy are doing decent business this weekend. Both films are on course for over $20 million openings which is pretty good given their light budgets. That especially goes for Shyamalan's The Visit which like all found footage movies was very cheap to make with only a tiny $5 million price tag. @Box Office Mojo

So Ben Foster certainly took the extra step to ensure that his depiction of Lance Armstrong is genuine... commendable to say the least. @Cycling Weekly

King Kong vs. Godzilla. Book it. @Deadline

Jeeper Creepers 3. Does anyone want this? At least the director/writer of the original is coming back. @Shock Till You Drop

Trailer of the week: Krampus, which comes out December 4th. A horror/comedy in the same vein as Gremlins maybe?


Number of movies watched this week: 8

Average rating: 5.9

Sep 6, 2015


But first...

Some News (That I Actually Care About)

Is there anyone more perfect for a villain role in Star Wars than Benicio Del Toro? @Outer Places

Box office report: With a predicted $13 million, it looks like War Room will be taking over the #1 spot from Staight Outta Compton. Universal has no reason to complain though since SOC is now in its fourth week since release and has already outgrossed its moderate budget of $28 million by a wide margin. New releases Transporter: Refueled and A Walk in the Woods aren't setting the world on fire in any sense, but things definitely look better for AWitW with less theatres and a much smaller budget. @The Wrap

Is Michael Fassbender due for some love come awards season? With the starring role in the Aaron Sorkin-written and Danny Boyle-directed Steve Jobs, he very well could take a couple Best Actor awards. The hype has begun. @Variety

The official score for Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be available December 18th, the same day as the movie is released. That means no Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Qui-Gon Jinn spoilers which is good for everyone. @Star Wars

So glad to see that Black Mass appears to be the return of the good Johnny Depp, the one who doesn't need to be all quirky or wear 10 layers of makeup to be noticed. @The Guardian

Trailer of the week: The 5th Wave, an alien invasion/post-apocalyptic thingy that's probably a bit too YA-ish to actually be good:


Number of movies watched this week: 7

Average rating: 6.6