Apr 15, 2015

Review: VeggieTales: The End of Silliness? More Really Silly Songs! (1998)

You know how many VeggieTales movies were released since the last sing-along video, VeggieTales: Very Silly Songs? A mind boggling three. THREE! Only one year separates Very Silly Songs and The End of Silliness? More Really Silly Songs! and I find that pretty insulting. It also didn't give me a lot of time to recover from seeing some of my least favourite "songs" of all time a second time. Releasing a sing-along video so soon just strikes me as an easy cop out for Big Idea Productions.

What's even more astounding is that some of the songs that are included in The End of Silliness? are found in films that Very Silly Songs also took its selection from. You're telling me that overlap is somehow justified? No, songs don't repeat but it just proves to me that there wasn't enough quality material to choose from when the makers were selecting the songs for The End of Silliness? I know that it's only two songs that overlap, but it's a matter of principle.


At a Glance

Genre: animation, short, family
Directed by: Mike Nawrocki
Produced by: Jon Gadsby
Written by: Mike Nawrocki
Music by: Kurt Heinecke
Running time: 32 minutes
Production company: Big Idea Productions
Distributed by: Word Entertainment, Lyrick Studios Video
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: N/A
Box office: N/A

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Starring: Mike Nawrocki, Phil Vischer, Jim Poole, Mike Sage, Lisa Vischer



Larry the Cucumber (voice: Mike Nawrocki) sits in Jimmy the Gourd's (voice: Mike Nawrocki) ice cream parlour, completely depressed over the cancellation of his Silly Songs with Larry segment. Unsure of what he should do to remedy the situation, Jimmy tries to cheer Larry up by playing some songs on the jukebox without much of an effect. Can this truly be the end of Silly Songs with Larry for all time?


I certainly wish that were the case anyway. I've always disliked the Silly Songs segment of VeggieTales and I'd be a liar if I said that I weren't happy to see Larry so depressed. Larry is by far my most hated character of VT, mostly because he's a dolt for the sake of being one. He's just there to make mistakes, have a pointless alter-ego and sing annoying songs. That's all he does and I'd be overjoyed to see the end of Silly Songs which would make getting through VT a lot easier.

But Larry is Mike Nawrocki's baby. He wrote and directed The End of Silliness? More Really Silly Songs!, so do you really that he's going to let his star cucumber suffer for long? It's doubtful which is too bad. I mean the first ever Love Songs with Mr. Lunt segment from the previous Madame Blueberry was surprisingly, kind of OK. What'll end up happening in the end is more than predictable and I know that means I'm in for some disappointment. Silly Songs aren't going anywhere. 

The story that's set around the collection of songs is alright I suppose, but it suffers from having Larry as the focal point. Attempts at humour don't work as a result, but I guess the way in which the songs are worked in is OK. The isn't the main problem of The End of Silliness? though. It truly is having to hear the same songs I've already heard and hated a second time.

First up to the bat is the "Song of the Cebu" which is kind of impressive for its singing complexity. Tongue twisters don't make a song though and boy is it an annoying song to listen to. It happens to be the Silly Song that got Larry in hot water so I suppose that's something of a plus. "Promised Land" is surprisingly OK for a VT song, but it's followed by the typical mediocrity that's become synonymous with the series.

One thing that the team at Big Idea Productions should never attempt ever again is writing hip hop songs. It's happened more than once so far, so I know that I'm most likely in for more embarrassing attempts at coolness. There's a little segment of "Big Things, Too" that is guilty of this as is the entire "Salezmunz Rap" song. It was torture listening to these songs the first time and I'm not quite sure how I survived the second times.

"His Cheeseburger" is included here and thank God for that. It is by far the greatest song I've ever heard from VeggieTales so far, if only because Mr. Lunt actually looks a little funny. The song is actually pretty well written and seeing it a second time has made me like it even more which isn't something I though thought I would ever say about anything in regards to VeggieTales.

There's a new Silly Song included as the last song of The End of Silliness? More Really Silly Songs! but it's nothing special. It actually starts off OK, but once Larry gets in on the mix it completely falls apart. It also includes possibly the worst looking animated bear I've ever seen in an animated movie. He also has the distinction of sounding just as bad as he looks.

These sing-along VeggieTales are a true test of my bad movie watching endurance. Lucky for me, I have a four video respite until the next one which I'm sure will feel have felt extremely short once I eventually get to The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown. Someone's got to do this though and I'm not quitting what I started. "His Cheeseburger" gives me hope though.



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