Sep 7, 2014

Review: Pigs in a Polka (1943)

I used to watch quite a bit of TV back when I was a kid and now I watch pretty much none. You know, Saturday morning cartoons and all that? Looney Tunes was always one of my favourite things to watch in very large quantities and I can recall some of the very best moments even years later. Despite all my Looney Tunes experience, I don't believe I've ever seen Pigs in a Polka. Nominated for an Academy Award in its day, I had to rectify that.


Genre: animation, short, musical
Directed by: Friz Freleng
Produced by: Leon Schlesinger
Written by: Warren Foster, Michael Maltese, Tedd Pierce
Music by: N/A
Running time: 8 minutes
Production company: Warner Bros.
Distributed by: Warner Bros.
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: N/A
Box office: N/A

IMDb entry

Starring: Bea Benaderet. Sara Berner, Mel Blanc


The three little pigs build themselves three little homes. Everyone knows, the first is made out of straw, the second is out of sticks and the third is made out of bricks. The first and second pig complete their work quickly and then have themselves some fun while the third pig continues to work hard on his brick house. The big bad wolf shows up and decides that he wants to eat pig which spells trouble for the pigs, especially the lazy first and second pigs. 


The story of course needs no introduction to anyone who's read the fairy tale. What makes this version pretty cool though is the fact that it is set to Johannes Brahms' Hungarian Dance. Combined with the visual comedy that Looney Tunes is capable of delivering, it's a really good spoof on Disney's Fantasia. Fantasia is of course a really wonderful combination of animation and classical music, Warner Brothers proves that injecting some zanier humour into the equation also really works.

The animation in Pigs in a Polka is able to conjure up some laughs all on its own. Add in the Johannes Brahms and you've got a real recipe for some comedy. You of course get some typical Looney Tunes cartoon violence and some great as always Mel Blanc voice acting. You might as well just call this one a home run. 



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