Sep 1, 2014

Review: Pigeon: Impossible (2009)

Lucas Martell has had a career mostly in visual effects. Not a very glamorous one to say the least since Robert Rodriguez' Shorts seems to be the highlight of his career. It's all the same even more of a reason to check out his solo project Pigeon: Impossible which he's responsible for the directing, producing and writing. Everyone deserves a chance right?


Genre: animation, short, action
Directed by: Lucas Martell
Produced by: Lucas Martell, Gopal Bidari
Written by: Lucas Martell
Music by: Christopher Reyman
Running time: 6 minutes
Production company: Austin Film Society
Distributed by: N/A
Country: United States
Language: No dialogue
Budget: $10,000
Box office: N/A

IMDb entry

Starring: N/A



Rookie agent Walter Beckett is dispatched to the field in Washington D.C. He gets a briefcase covertly handed to him by another fellow CIA agent and gets to work. Sitting down on a city bench with a doughnut in hand, Walter attracts the attention of an innocent looking pigeon who quickly becomes a national risk. 



The animation style is something like Pixar would do but not quite as clean and polished. It's pretty good though. It's only the secondary elements in the frame that look a bit off, but everything else looks good though. With no dialogue to speak of, Pigeon: Impossible is an easy story to follow and it has its charm. 

It's not an uproariously hilarious movie but it's worth a couple of laughs. Mission: Impossible is a film series that takes itself pretty seriously so it's easy enough to poke some holes in. It's somewhat amusing anyway to see a seemingly regular day for a new agent get completely ruined by a hungry pigeon. You kind of wonder why a new agent would have access to such a dangerous tool but this isn't really the kind of story that's made to have holes poked in it. It's innocent fun, nothing more. 

While it's not a short that's going to win best short awards for me personally, it's a pretty good solo effort. I'm not sure if Martell does this sort of thing as a personal hobby because his career never really took off after Pigeon: Impossible. He does however have another short which I'm assuming will be coming out soon called The OceanMaker. Perhaps another attempt to make it big in Hollywood? Time will tell.



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