Jun 17, 2014

Review: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

I guess it's pretty easy for the average filmgoer to discount the entire Halloween franchise but I think that's unfair. The first one really is a horror classic and the sequel also brings a fair amount of thrills as well. Even the third one which has nothing to do with Michael Myers is just a fun, 80's cheese trip that gets more and more ridiculous. The fourth and fifth films are serviceable but I'll say straight up that Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is my second most hated film of the series.

The production of this entry was very troubled and I wish it had just been scrapped. The fifth film introduced this whole cult being behind the invulnerability of Michael Myers substory and I hate that. Myers is a mystery that should have been kept a mystery. Trying to explain the origins of him is never going to work and it's just going to disappoint people like me. H:TCoMM expands on the cult story to make it central to the plot.


Genre: horror, thriller
Directed by: Joe Chappelle
Produced by: Paul Freeman, Moustapha Akkad, Malek Akkad
Written by: Daniel Farrands
Music by: Alan Howarth, Paul Rabjohns
Running time: 89 minutes
Production company: Halloween VI Productions, Miramax Films, Nightfall, etc.
Distributed by: Dimension Films, Alliance Atlantis Communications, Arcade Pictures, etc.
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $5,000,000
Box office: $15,116,634 (North America)

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Starring: Donald Pleasence, Paul Rudd, Marianne Hagan, Mitch Ryan, Kim Darby, Bradford English, Keith Bogart, Mariah O'Brien, Leo Geter, J.C. Brandy, Devin Gardner, Susan Swift, George P. Wilbur, Janice Knickrehm, Alan Echeverria, Hildur Ruriks




Six years after Michael Myers disappeared after getting broken out of the Haddonfield Police Station prison, courtesy of some mysterious man in black from a cult, he's back for more. Jamie Lloyd who is Myers' niece was also kidnapped that day and we see her now at fifteen and pregnant. She gives birth in some secret cult hideout but is able to get away with her baby. Myers of course gives chase as Jamie does what she can to keep her baby safe. (Spoilers) She ends up getting killed though but is able to fool Michael Myers into thinking she still had the baby with her. In reality, she left it at a train station to be found and hopefully kept safe from Michael Myers and the cult behind everything. (End Spoilers)


As I already made clear, I hate the story of this film. The cult aspect doesn't make Michael Myers a more interesting character, it just weakens him. Not that the director of this film is even able to utilize Michael Myers in any sort of interesting ways. He isn't scary in the least and his mystery has been shattered. It's a horrible way to treat what was once a holy character. He's basically become a running joke at this point, or a walking joke more like.

The rest of the scares in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers are just as disappointing. There are way too many dumb jump scares that end up being nothing and I have no idea who thought it was a good idea to have so many of these heavy transitions between cuts. They're hard on the eyes and on the ears.

Speaking of hard on the ears, the score of Alan Howarth is without a doubt his worst one of the series. I'd describe it as a bunch of lead pipes falling down some stairs. I guess you can't accuse him of abusing the original theme from John Carpenter but that's the best I can say about this abysmal effort.

In the acting department, there isn't really any praise to hand out. The dialogue is absolutely awful so the actors don't have much to work with anyway. Paul Rudd in his acting debut gets the worst of it and I'm surprised he was able to salvage a career out of this mess. It bugs me so much that Donald Pleasence, in his last acting role before his death wasn't given a shred of respectable material to work with. He gives it his all but it's not his fault that his lines are beneath him.

This is my second time seeing Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and I haven't warmed up to it at all. I think I may have dozed off the first time watching it so it's good that I saw it again, or it's not so good depending on how you look at it. There's nothing scary about this Halloween entry and it has completely ruined the mythos of Michael Myers. Good thing the next films completely ignore this trash.



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